Online Surveys
When conducting an online survey a link to the survey is sent out to your target audience usually by email (but it can be by letter or telephone). Our surveys are fully interactive and we can include video clips or other visual stimulus.  We can also link the online survey to ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’ sites or combine them with a broader survey using one of our online panels (see below).

Face to Face – Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)
Our interviewers are fully trained in CAPI technology using  iPads which enable electronic completion of questionnaires.  This method offers a variety of benefits to our clients. These include, cost effectiveness due to reduced costs in data processing, , faster turnaround as upload of data is automatic, more concise interviewing technique as routing within the questionnaire is automatic hence the interviewer can concentrate on achieving a quality interview and is extremely interactive – as it has the ability to include graphics, branding and videos to show to the respondent.

Telephone – Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
Our research team has extensive experience  of conducting telephone surveys across a number of sectors including  business to business and consumers throughout the UK and Ireland. CATI interviewing also  increases the speed and accuracy of carrying out telephone interviews by controlling the sample, quotas and questionnaire flow that ultimately results in lower costs passed on to the client.

One Platform
Our online, telephone and face to face methodologies use the same suite of software thus offering the ability to efficiently integrate multiple methodologies for single research projects.

Analysis and Reporting
Future Focus recognises the importance of having excellent data processing services in-house. Data preparation and analysis are an integral part of our full service offering. We can provide all elements of data processing from data collection and data entry to coding and tabulation. The key to good research is that results can be communicated in a manner which is easily understood. Any analysis we undertake is designed with the specific objective of leading to actionable conclusions.

Focus Groups and Depth Interviews
Our researchers have extensive experience in encouraging respondents to articulate their views, and delivering insightful analysis of responses. Whether your research project demands focus groups (either face to face or online) for a breadth of issues or whether you require more in-depth one to one interviews we have the expertise to provide this resource.

We have over 25 years experience of conducting depth interviews and focus groups in all areas of consumer, employee and business-to-business/executive up to board level. Future Focus Research provide a full service for qualitative research including project design, recruitment, moderation and reporting.